I’m Torin, I’m a hobbyist film photographer and darkroom dweller, and this is my website. Take a look at my Portfolio!


I also have an Instagram, but this site serves as my place to post supplemental info and full-quality photos. I shoot mostly in 6x6cm medium format, which is much larger than 35mm (“full-frame” in digital terms):

Comparison of common film formats. Credit thedarkroom.com

Medium format cameras yield large, incredibly detailed negatives. After scanning, I get images that are ~5300px2 and around 90MB in file size. Instagram compresses all uploaded images down to a 1080x1080px square; this makes sense, it saves space in their database and facilitates faster timeline loading. But being the pixel peeper that I am, a 5x loss in quality is absolutely unacceptable, hence why I created this site. I’ll try and link from Instagram to the full-quality version here whenever I remember.

I’ve also made almost every single mistake one can make with regards to film processing. I plan on doing some documentation of that here as well, for my own sake so that I don’t forget, and so that hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.


When a lens is focused at infinity, the near limit of depth of field is called the hyperfocal distance for that aperture… By focusing at the hyperfocal distance, we achieve the maximum depth of field range for any aperture.

Ansel Adams, The Camera

While a useful concept for zone-focus people (street photographers, etc.), it’s not something I use very often; landscapes and buildings tend to be at infinity. I just thought the word sounded cool, plus the Albanian domain name was cheap!